«|N$THRÜM=|\|T 8XXXX» is an electronic sound + visual synchronized instrument created by the synchronization of Arduino, Processing and Pure Data programming + UltraSònar + capacitive sensors. Is a tribute to theremin instrument by going a step because of the interaction of sound without touch and image by touch.

For the 120th anniversary of the first Theremin sound radiation.

In addition to inventing the hidden microphone, Leon Theremin, a Russian engineer and spy, designed alarms and metal presence detectors. He devised «The Thing» (an espionage system that he disguised within a replica of the great seal of the United States with which he spied on the American government) and invented several electronic musical instruments, including the one that receives his name: the Theremin (1919 ), one of the first instruments of this type, which is also played without playing modulated by electromagnetic waves, noted, admired and used to this day for its «Soviet Edison» sound, and for its «melodies coming off the air and its radio marvel according to American newspapers at the time.

León Theremin playing theremin instrument.

It was while adapting his electronic device to measure the density of gases that the scientist realized how the sound emitted by his invention varied depending on the position of his hands. As a virtuoso cellist that he was, he decided to try making music with his new discovery.

After his disappearance in Manhattan (1938), Theremin’s name had been erased from all official Russian documents: Leon Theremin had never existed.

After this, the theremin instrument lived its time of maximum splendor. His particular «spooky cry» became common in science fiction B movies and Hitchcock used it to compose the soundtrack for «Remember» (1945).

Leon Theremin reappeared on a series of trips to Europe in 1991. A year before his death in 1993, Theremin gave his last major concert at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In that same year, the filmmaker Steve M Martin premiered his documentary feature film «Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey», which once again shed light on the figure of the Russian inventor, a character who seemed to come out of late romanticism, with a life full of secrets, chiaroscuro and strangeness, that he devised the only instrument that is played without being played and that had as many lives as deaths.